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About us



Our jewelry is created using real, hand-collected plants of wild nature of Carpathian Mountains and then captured into crystal clear eco resin, which makes each piece unique and helps to save this fragile beauty for a long time.

We are using copper, stainless steel, titanium, sterling silver, natural gemstones, pressed flowers and plants covered with non-toxic and environmentally friendly crystal resin.

Real fern metal ring (fern+birch bark and copper/silver/titanium)

Titanium Fern Ring

Our bestseller we are proud of!


Our exclusive men's designs


Our creative team enjoys being outdoors, traveling and camping , discovering new charming places in the Carpathian Mountains, and every travel brings us new ideas and inspiration for our art projects...
We are blessed and excited to be able to share our work with you..! Every piece is filled with joy and the spirit of Ukraine!

about us